Custom Design

  • Step 1: We started with one larger marquise diamond and had various rings from old wedding rings both men an women's. Just lot of jewelry, we removed diamonds.
  • Step 2: We played with the designs to see what looks good on the customers hand. She likes middle finger rings, so the ring needed to be wide and tapering in very back.
  • Step 3: The customer liked this but wanted halo, too.
  • Step 4: We used computer-aided designs to customize the ring.
  • Step 5. We have the finished product.

  1. A couple came into the store looking to build a wedding set. It was their 5th anniversary and the husband said she could have whatever she wanted.
  2. So she decided on a Rose Gold ring with a Ruby center stone and a diamond halo and band.
  3. She knew what size and color she wanted for her Ruby and we got in 5 stones for her to choose from.
  4. Once her stone was chosen the cads were made of the ring.
  5. 5 of those were also made, but she wasn't happy with them.
  6. She decided to draw out what she wanted exactly and the company made her dreams her come true!
  7. This whole process took about 2-3 months, but in the end it was well worth the wait!

"My husband and I had the most wonderful experience! Crown Jewelry helped us from beginning to end with our engagement ring! From picking out the perfect stone, to completing the ring design. Thank you Crown Jewelry!"


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